Sunday, November 14, 2010

More recently, The Spectacular Spiderman...

With cool character designs by Sean Galloway and great scripts, I think this was the best interpretation of Spiderman to date.

These are very early background designs generated during development. Again, because this is an action adventure show, and Spiderman does interact with the environment; perspective and scale once again become a major consideration. But to soften the look, the overall envelope of shapes will adhere to the correct vanishing points, but incidental details will be less rigid. These color passes are also my effort to introduce a simpler, more graphic background.

Green Goblin battles Spiderman here...

Venom and Spiderman showdown...

Regardless whether I'm working in traditional or CG animation, I will create a floor plan to help me design, help the story board artist visualize and help explain designs to our animation studios overseas.

Cityscape style guide

Roughnecks: Starship Trooper Chronicles

Wish I could find more artwork from this very ambitious, ill fated but surprisingly good CG production from 1999...

This was one version of the Valley Forge interior. The characters are based on early rough designs by the prolific Eric Canete.

Klendathu bug nest.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Extreme Ghostbusters. Really old stuff from 1996!

In the beginning, before photoshop, the internet or cintiqs... just Pigma Micron pens and whiteout.

Basement Lab

XGB truck with ghost cannon


Dining room with living and kitchen areas beyond

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Heavy Gear...old stuff from '99

It always helps if you design these imaginary worlds with some sense of logic. Form does follow function, and it helps the modeler understand the design intent.

Orem city prison

Southern cities:
Circular shapes dominate in plan. Buildings are raised above swamps and waterways. Sections within the city are connected by a series of bridges.

Northern Cities:
Vertical and monumental styling with influences of art deco and modern architecture, built into steep valley cliff sides. Vast rooftops and landing pads dominate the skyline.

The city of Orem:
A city located in the narrow valleys and constructed from the debris of scavenged transport ships. These are the oppressed people of this planet.

This production is a good example of artwork "lost in translation". The actual TV series was dreadful.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

more Gotham City

Different pans of Gotham City. Interior rough of the warehouse.

Batman:Under the Red Hood

Ok, so I thought by starting at the beginning and posting from my earliest projects would be a good idea. Instead, lets just start with projects that are a little more relevant and do this Memento style, without the suspense and excitement of course, just backwards...

As you can see, very architectural. But establishing the design guidelines for Gotham City helped create that film noir approach the director wanted. However, if you watch the DVD, you'll notice that even still the overseas studios deviated from these guidelines and added modern buildings with horizontal window bands.