Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Heavy Gear...old stuff from '99

It always helps if you design these imaginary worlds with some sense of logic. Form does follow function, and it helps the modeler understand the design intent.

Orem city prison

Southern cities:
Circular shapes dominate in plan. Buildings are raised above swamps and waterways. Sections within the city are connected by a series of bridges.

Northern Cities:
Vertical and monumental styling with influences of art deco and modern architecture, built into steep valley cliff sides. Vast rooftops and landing pads dominate the skyline.

The city of Orem:
A city located in the narrow valleys and constructed from the debris of scavenged transport ships. These are the oppressed people of this planet.

This production is a good example of artwork "lost in translation". The actual TV series was dreadful.


  1. I can't wait to see more off your work, thanks for sharing, really inspirational!

  2. Yeah, these are quite, quite nice. I can't deny they're gorgeous to look at, really giving you a sense of scale.

    I also agree Heavy Gear was a terrible show. A real shame, considering what pioneers Mainframe were up until the new millennium. Maybe the Rainmaker buyout was for the best.