Sunday, November 14, 2010

More recently, The Spectacular Spiderman...

With cool character designs by Sean Galloway and great scripts, I think this was the best interpretation of Spiderman to date.

These are very early background designs generated during development. Again, because this is an action adventure show, and Spiderman does interact with the environment; perspective and scale once again become a major consideration. But to soften the look, the overall envelope of shapes will adhere to the correct vanishing points, but incidental details will be less rigid. These color passes are also my effort to introduce a simpler, more graphic background.

Green Goblin battles Spiderman here...

Venom and Spiderman showdown...

Regardless whether I'm working in traditional or CG animation, I will create a floor plan to help me design, help the story board artist visualize and help explain designs to our animation studios overseas.

Cityscape style guide


  1. Hey Vince, just wondering, is Polygon doing okay since the earthquakes and rolling blackouts? It's been hard for everyone over there.

  2. It has been tough. They are definitely feeling the residual effects of disruption in commutes, rolling blackouts and some international employees asked to leave the country by their respective embassies. They are such troopers though, actually apologizing for inconveniencing us for falling a bit behind on their shipments.

  3. Man. That's commendable, is what that is. I hope things work out for them in the long term.

  4. Hey Vince, congrats on the Emmy nod man! You deserve it! :)