Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jackie Chan Adventures

The TV Animation industry is a pretty small community. And anyone who works in this industry will tell you that it's filled with a lot of characters funnier than the ones that we make cartoons about. At some point you'll inevitably end up working with the same people on another production. I worked on Jackie Chan Adventures in 2003 and currently find myself working on Transformers Prime with a few of the same people you might see below.

Some of the crew members on Jackie Chan Adventures included, Dave Hartman, Therese Trujillo, Jose Lopez, Jeff Kline and Duane Capizzi.

Halloween store from episode 406. Design guidelines for the background style include:
• A controlled freehand line
• No texture
• Maintain proper rules of perspective
• Minimize detail and emphasize shape
• No variation in line width
• Combine shapes as elements recede into the background
• Controlled compositions manages the color that is applied in unregistered blocks of color, creating graphic backgrounds that read casual without being chaotic.

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